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Sex is perhaps one of the strongest human impulses. It can be one of the most creative or destructive forces known to mankind. Knowing your way around the bedroom may be intimidating for some, but once you learn the ropes you can have some of the best times of your life. If you are looking for a spiritual experience, or just to have a good time this section can help you accomplish both.

Always remember

More than anything else, sex is supposed to be about having fun.

Always remember

If you're looking for sex to solve your problems, it usually makes them worse.

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===Men tend to access their emotions through visual stimulation===

Thousands of years of hunting and warfare not only developed man's coordination with his eyesight but also coordinated his eyesight with his emotions. Today these emotions are re-kindled through sports or video games. Men bond (with other men or women) through activities.

This gives some women an incredible power over men without having to do much work. The easiest way to seduce a man is with a woman's looks.

Women tend to access their emotions through auditory stimulation and linguistic relations

While men hunted women took care of the children and conversed with each other (if the men talked too much the hunt could be ruined). Today women access these emotions through conversation, which is primarily how they bond.

This puts most men at an initial disadvantage in the power game, because if a woman doesn't want to listen to you, she doesn't have to, and usually won't. On the other hand, if a man masters the art of female conversation, there is no limit to how influential he can become.

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