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It is only natural as a human being to want to belong to something. For everyone out there, there are groups that share common interests, looks, goals, and attitudes. Being in a group gives you great social advantages, you are part of something, and you will always have friends when you need them. Groups can help you grow as a person, and help you get ahead in life.

Always remember

The quickest path to status is to find a group that already has it.

Always remember

No group stays together forever.

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School Cliques

High School is nothing if not a breeding ground for group mentality. No matter where you go to school you are going to run into the same types of people. The two simple rules of joining any sort of clique are:

1. Look the part 2. Act the part


A jock is someone who is into sports and is generally on some sort of athletic team in high school. They are typically athletic, popular, and are probably the most prone to violence of any clique in high school. To become a member of the Jock Clique you need to follow the three simple rules of joining a group. However, another requirement and easy access way to join the jock clique is to become involved in school sports, with enough time you should be able to join.


The preps are the rich kids, or at least the ones who act really uppity in high school. They typically wear designer clothes and like to gossip a lot about everyone. The preps are not nescessarily good students but a lot of them are. To join the prep clique you need to have the right background and should probably dress in expensive designer clothing.


The nerds, the mortal enemy of the jocks. The nerd clique is perhaps one of the most made ..→

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