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It is only natural as a human being to want to belong to something. For everyone out there, there are groups that share common interests, looks, goals, and attitudes. Being in a group gives you great social advantages, you are part of something, and you will always have friends when you need them. Groups can help you grow as a person, and help you get ahead in life.

Always remember

The quickest path to status is to find a group that already has it.

Always remember

No group stays together forever.

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Group Power

The power and influence a group has all depends on its members and the situation the group is formed in. A corporate group in an office building obviously has the most power over the office and business they run, while a street gang has control over territory and illicit trades.


In a group it is best to identify the strengths of your members right off the bat. If someone is good with money then they should be the group treasurer or help the group earn/invest Money. If someone is a funny person or very sociable then they can act as an envoy to other groups. The trick to this is identifying as a leader someone’s strengths and using that to the groups advantage.


There is a soft spot in every thing, and it is best to recognize and try and correct this in a group environment. It may not be a good idea to assign tasks or responsibilities to a member of the group who’s strengths lie elsewhere. Make sure that you know the members of your group and their weaknesses before you start assigning tasks and positions.

Keeping People Together

What makes a group powerful is the fact that it acts as a unit, it functions as one ..→

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