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Moonlighting is working a job during the day and having a gig or other job that you do at night for supplemental income. People have been moonlighting for all time, working during the day at their main job and working in their spare hours at another position. Moonlighting is a great way to make extra money, but if you work too much you are going to be exhausted for your regular job. Moonlighting is all about the right balance.


Picking a Second Job

Depending on what you do during your normal job, your second job can be another type of job in your field or it can be something completely unrelated. Some people teach elementary school during the day, and deliver pizza at night for their moonlighting gig. It is all about your preference, and how many hours you think you can realistically work and still maintain at both your day job and your second gig.

Ideally, the second job you pick needs to have less hours, a more flexible schedule and pay you well for your time. If you work as a doctor in a practice during the day, you could do private medicine in your evening hours or something else in the medical field.

Don’t Tell Anyone

Some companies have a policy that forbids moonlighting, as they want their employees sharp and ready for the daily work. But if your 9-5 job isn’t paying you enough ,it may be necessary to get a second gig to make up the financial difference. When you start out your second job, make sure that it is far enough away and that you won’t run into anyone at work that will get you into trouble for moonlighting. If your job doesn’t allow moonlighting, try to pick a second job that is far away and will not cross paths with your normal job.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Thin

When you get a second job, it is important that you don’t wear yourself out so much that you don’t get enough rest for your other job. Most moonlighting gigs are temporary for a quick financial boost until you can get everything worked out, but some people work at their moonlighting positions for years. If you can find balance between your two jobs, all the better. If you find that one job is more stressful, or that your hours are starting to effect your main job, you may want to cut back your hours or quit moonlighting all together.

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