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Confusion Works

This is the science of seducing a woman in minutes instead of hours using key words and thought patterns to raise her state of arousal. The basic premise is that of ambiguity. As you talk about one thing using certain words, her subconscious brain will hear all possible meanings, not just those of the conversation you are having. NLP works best on those who are auditorily stimulated.

Even though the routines involve some practice before they are mastered, it is recommended you only use this occasionally, because:

1. Bedding a woman in under an hour can impair your chances to see or sleep with her again (you will be filed under "mystery fling"), or

2. The more experienced or more observant will realize what you're trying to do and usually hate you for it (you will be filed under "disgusting creep").

The best use of NLP is to spice up your regular game. Use it to close up the deal at the end of the night or get your girlfriend in the mood.

Whatever you do, before you use NLP you must have established a connection or familiarity with her. Without this she will not know where her aroused feelings are coming from and may bolt. She should think they are coming from some sort of mysterious connection the two of you have.

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